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Session Dates: January 17th to June 2ndnd

NO Programming: 1/27, 2/17, 2/10, 2/21, 3/20, 3/31, 4/7, 4/10, 4/11, 4/12, 4/13, 4/14, 4/17, 5/26, 5/29, 6/5 to 6/7.

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AlignedKids with Ms. Nellie
Program: AlignedKids with Ms. Nellie
Cost: $270.00

O MoShen Presents Aligned Kids

Our very own yoga instructor Ms. Nellie Griesinger is offering a program including yoga, Pilates, and health coaching to enhance Lab Kids executive and mindfulness skill sets. Children learn on various levels: physical, mental, emotional, social, as well as kinesthetic, auditory, and visual. AlignedKids will empower their inner resources to improve focus, self regulate, make healthier chocies, and improve academic and personal goals.

We will:
continue to practice yoga asana
play with sound vs silence, create rainstorms, create different rhythm beats ...
partner with poses and mirroring
create art projects- create a shaker and dream catcher
create yoga asana stories and/or poems
create yoga asana cards for sequencing
have introduction to Pilates Mat and use Pilates Props such as: Instep barrel, Pilates circle, foam roller, different size balls
receive Health Coach tips: handouts to encourage positive choices for your mind, body, and spirit
Meditate: breathing techniques and guided meditation for stress relief

This is a one hour class, to extend to 5:45, add $9 for the 18 weeks of programming ($162)

Start Time: 04:00PM
End Time: 05:00PM
Age Range: K-5th